The most gentle kind of European manicure is not a manicure. The basis of this manicure includes the removing of a cuticle, without scissors and tweezers. Why European? Because this method was invented in Europe and most European women prefer this type of manicure, first of all because of security.
 The procedure of European manicure:

  1. Treat hands by sanitizer, remove the old nail polish.
  2. Nail file gives your nails the desired shape.
  3. On a cuticle is applied a special product for softening and slower growth. The composition of these products includes vitamins and other useful components that have a positive effect on the skin around the nail.
  4. Put the hand in the tub with warm water.
  5. Using the orange stick a cuticle is pushed back to the nail base. The softened skin is removed from the center to the side rollers.
  6. At the end remove the rest of product by napkin or towel.
  7. Rub the oil or cream to the cuticle using massing movements.
  8. Treat the nail plate by nail buffer.
  9. At your wish the nails can be covered strengthening product or decorative nail polish.

Since European manicure has a milder effect, switching the edging manicure a good result will be achieved only after the 6-7 procedures. The first time use the tweezers to remove an agnail. But this time you need to be patient because the European manicure has many advantages.


The advantages of European manicure:

– there is no risk of infection during a manicure.

– it’s absolutely safe and painless type of manicure, which is suitable even for children.