European pedicure is a treatment of the feet, which isn’t used a bath and any cutting implements – scissors, nippers and other devices to remove the cuticle. To safely and delicately remove the cuticle and rough skin on feet, using special removers, containing fruit acids. They assist the softening and mild removal of old skin tissues. With each procedure the cuticle becomes thinner and stops growing. The main advantage of the European pedicure is its safety, which allows us to recommend it to people with diabetes, diseases of the skin, or a tendency to fungal infections.

The procedure of European pedicure:

  1. Treat feet by sanitizer, remove the old nail polish.
  2. Apply to the cuticle area a special softening remover. After 3-4 minutes remove the remaining skin with a wooden stick.
  3. Nail file gives your nails the desired shape and polishes.
  4. Treat feet softening solution with a light scrub (peeling is performed after 15 minutes).
  5. Apply a hydrating cream on feet with massage movements. Light massage helps for blood circulation and relaxation of the body.
  6. At your wish the nails can be covered by therapeutic or decorative nail polish.

 The advantages of European pedicure:

– absolutely safe and painless method of feet care. The cuticle is removed without damage, with each procedure it becomes thinner.

– this procedure is suitable for all including children.

– ability to carry out the procedure before the extension.

The disadvantages of European pedicure:

– this result will appear after  in a few months of regular procedure.