Hardware manicure is one of the types of classical manicure. The main advantage of this manicure – its absolute safety. There is no risk of damage and infection of tissues during a manicure. The cuticle is removed by using a special grinding machine with different types of nozzles. In addition a nail plate is polished and removed the skin around the nail. This type of manicure is performed only on dry skin and especially is recommended for people with problem nails (nails, uneven surface, ribbing, damage), dry skin and quickly growing cuticle. If you make hardware manicure once in two weeks, your hands will always look beautiful, well groomed and attractive.

The procedure of hardware manicure:

  1. Process hand sanitizer, remove the old nail polish.
  2. Treat area of skin around the nail special cutters.
  3. Perform modeling of the nail shape and polish the nail plate.
  4. At the end on the cuticle is applied oil and rubbed with massage movements.

The advantages of hardware manicure:

– soft, gentle treatment of skin and nail.

– safety. There is no risk of infection.

– the effect lasts for 2-3 weeks.