Pedicure is performed using special technique, namely, grinding machine with different nozzles. You can get rid of such problems as ingrown nails, cracks in the feet and old corns. This pedicure is performed without the traditional steaming and it has a lot of advantages. Before executing it on the feet is applied to a softening agent which loosens the layers of dead skin cells and enhances the external differences between dead and live skin. It acts only on dead skin and dead skin cells, avoiding the living layers of the skin.

Procedure of apparatus pedicure:

  1. Treat feet by sanitizer, remove the old nail polish.
  2. Apply a softening gel on feet for 10 minutes. During this time the rough layer of the skin changes its structure, becomes porous.
  3. Remove the rough skin from the feet and fingers with special nozzles.
  4. Form nail edge by using nail file, perform polishing of nails with a soft cutter.
  5. Apply a hydrating cream on feet with massage movements.
  6. At your wish the nails can be covered by therapeutic or decorative nail polish.

The advantages of a hardware pedicure:

– effective elimination of all kinds of changes to the skin of feet and nail plates.

– pleasant procedure without pain, sparing the structure of the nail plates. It does not violate the integrity of the skin.

– the possibility to get the infection isn’t practically present.

The disadvantages of a hardware pedicure:

– if your feet are in poor condition, then a good result will be only after several procedures.

– this procedure is not recommended for people with very thin nails.