Japanese manicure is a complex care for damaged, weakened nails. Its main feature is using of natural ingredients in work. All instruments are made of wood, suede, ceramics, leather and beeswax.

The procedure of manicure:

  1. Preparation of the nail plate. The surface is treated with a special compound that destroys bacteriums. Then perform a light massage of nails.
  2. Soften the cuticle with a special compound with cucumber extract and remove the special wooden stick.
  3. Treat the nail plate by mineral paste and polish with block made of natural calfskin. In the composition of the mineral paste contain marine peptides, keratin and pearl extract. This composition allows you to fill all cracks, grooves, to remove the undulations.
  4. Apply the silicon powder with beeswax. This would reflect the nutrient composition and to protect the surface of your nails from external influence.

The advantages of the Japanese manicure:

– straighten of the nail plate.

– natural and pink shine