Classic pedicure is performed with soaking of feet in the bath with  special means. After that special files, graters, tweezers and scissors remove the rough layer of the feet skin, is scraped off the calluses and corns.

The procedure of classic pedicure:

  1. Treat feet by sanitizer, remove the old nail polish.
  2. Apply the exfoliating cream.
  3. Proofread and give a beautiful shape of the nail plate.
  4. Put feet in a bath with the special solution (sea salt or essential oils).
  5. Treat steamed foot with a special nail file or pumice. In some cases, use special tools such as scissors or even blades.
  6. Push the cuticle using the orange stick and then trim it with special tweezers.
  7. Degrease the nail plate; apply decorative or therapeutic nail polish.
  8. The procedure is terminated with the massage of feet and fingers, applying masks and skin care for feet.

The advantages of a classic pedicure:

– very effective against rough skin. It is able to put in order even the most neglected feet (in this case the only option is a trim pedicure).

– availability – it is possible to perform a pedicure at any salon at a reasonable price.

The disadvantages of a classic pedicure:

– short-term result. Circumcision rough skin with a razor stimulates its further growth. Do not think that this is due to the lack of professionalism of the master. It is the features of our body.

  • after the procedure there is a feeling of thin skin. It occurs for the reason that dead skin areas are removed in one procedure. In the first days after the pedicure feelings cause some discomfort.