Today’s manicure is quite a popular procedure, the advantages of which have already appreciated the many representatives of a strong half of mankind.

The procedure of manicure for men:

  1. Remove the excess length using nail scissors or special clippers. Nails should be no longer than 1 mm.
  2. Nail file gives nails a shape. The nail plate should visually follow the shape of the finger to manicure looked natural. Usually men prefer round nails, which always look decently and well maintained.
  3. Further, it is necessary to remove overgrown cuticle using a pusher.
  4. Put hands in a bath with warm water. In the water you can add any aromatic oils to relax and sea salt to strengthen nails. The steaming time should be about 10-15 minutes.
  5. Trim the softened cuticle carefully around the nail with a special tool. Remove the remaining cuticle using the orange stick.
  6. Polishing is a crucial stage for appearance the nails in Men’s manicure. This allows you to remove scratches, to smooth the nail plate and to give the nails well-groomed appearance.
  7. The final stage is the hydration of the hands using any cosmetic cream or oil.

The advantages of Men’s manicure:

– manicure makes the nails clean and healthy.

– hands look well-groomed and neatly.