“Manicure in Rome” is the definition of all the procedures that aim at the improvement and health of hands and nails.

Well-groomed hands and nails are attractive and give a positive impression of the person. The classic manicure has a positive effect on the skin of the hands, keeping the skin younger for longer. The nutritive components protect against the negative effects of the external environment: atmospheric pollution, temperature variations. Hand care includes hand massage, which provides a powerful relaxing and healing effect on the whole body. Available in the entire range of semi-permanent colors, Shellac.

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European manicure

The most gentle kind of European manicure in Rome is not a manicure. The basis of this manicure includes the removing of a cuticle, without scissors and tweezers. Why European? Because this method was invented in Europe and most European women prefer this type of manicure, first of all because of security.
 The procedure of European manicure:

  1. Treat hands by sanitizer, remove the old nail polish.
  2. Nail file gives your nails the desired shape.
  3. On a cuticle is applied a special product for softening and slower growth. The composition of these products includes vitamins and other useful components that have a positive effect on the skin around the nail.
  4. Put the hand in the tub with warm water.
  5. Using the orange stick a cuticle is pushed back to the nail base. The softened skin is removed from the center to the side rollers.
  6. At the end remove the rest of product by napkin or towel.
  7. Rub the oil or cream to the cuticle using massing movements.
  8. Treat the nail plate by nail buffer.
  9. At your wish the nails can be covered strengthening product or decorative nail polish.

Since European manicure in Rome has a milder effect, switching the edging manicure a good result will be achieved only after the 6-7 procedures. The first time use the tweezers to remove an agnail. But this time you need to be patient because the European manicure has many advantages.


The advantages of European manicure:

– there is no risk of infection during a manicure.

– it’s absolutely safe and painless type of manicure, which is suitable even for children.

Hardware manicure

Hardware manicure is one of the types of classical manicure. The main advantage of this manicure – its absolute safety. There is no risk of damage and infection of tissues during a manicure. The cuticle is removed by using a special grinding machine with different types of nozzles. In addition a nail plate is polished and removed the skin around the nail. This type of manicure is performed only on dry skin and especially is recommended for people with problem nails (nails, uneven surface, ribbing, damage), dry skin and quickly growing cuticle. If you make hardware manicure once in two weeks, your hands will always look beautiful, well groomed and attractive.

The procedure of hardware manicure:

  1. Process hand sanitizer, remove the old nail polish.
  2. Treat area of skin around the nail special cutters.
  3. Perform modeling of the nail shape and polish the nail plate.
  4. At the end on the cuticle is applied oil and rubbed with massage movements.

The advantages of hardware manicure:

– soft, gentle treatment of skin and nail.

– safety. There is no risk of infection.

– the effect lasts for 2-3 weeks.

 Hot oil manicure

 Hot oil manicure in Rome

Paraffinotherapy is a cosmetic procedure by using paraffin, essential oils, salts and other products for skin care of hands and strengthen of weak nails. The impact of the components included in composition of cosmetic paraffin assists in the elimination of dryness, redness and peeling. It restores to the skin smoothness, elasticity and velvety. Hot manicure in Rome can be combined with classical or the European manicure. Hot manicure is recommended for both men and women.

The procedure of hot oil manicure:

1.Treat hands by sanitizer, remove the old nail polish.

  1. Nail file gives your nails the desired shape.
  2. Put the fingertips in a bath with cosmetic paraffin for 7-10 min.
  3. Rub the lotion into the cuticle and skin using light massage movements.
  4. Remove the cuticle with help of an orange stick or manicure tweezers.
  5. Give the nail surface a healthy shine with the nail buffer.
  6. At your wish the nails can be covered strengthening product or decorative nail polish.

The advantages of hot oil manicure:

–  regenerates and nourishes the skin.

–  has a rejuvenating effect.

Manicure giaponeseJapanese manicure

Japanese manicure is a complex care for damaged, weakened nails. Its main feature is using of natural ingredients in work. All instruments are made of wood, suede, ceramics, leather and beeswax.

The procedure of manicure:

  1. Preparation of the nail plate. The surface is treated with a special compound that destroys bacteriums. Then perform a light massage of nails.
  2. Soften the cuticle with a special compound with cucumber extract and remove the special wooden stick.
  3. Treat the nail plate by mineral paste and polish with block made of natural calfskin. In the composition of the mineral paste contain marine peptides, keratin and pearl extract. This composition allows you to fill all cracks, grooves, to remove the undulations.
  4. Apply the silicon powder with beeswax. This would reflect the nutrient composition and to protect the surface of your nails from external influence.

The advantages of the Japanese manicure:

– straighten of the nail plate.

– natural and pink shine

Men's manicureMen’s manicure Rome

Today’s manicure Rome is quite a popular procedure, the advantages of which have already appreciated the many representatives of a strong half of mankind.

The procedure of men’s manicure:

  1. Remove the excess length using nail scissors or special clippers. Nails should be no longer than 1 mm.
  2. Nail file gives nails a shape. The nail plate should visually follow the shape of the finger to manicure looked natural. Usually men prefer round nails, which always look decently and well maintained.
  3. Further, it is necessary to remove overgrown cuticle using a pusher.
  4. Put hands in a bath with warm water. In the water you can add any aromatic oils to relax and sea salt to strengthen nails. The steaming time should be about 10-15 minutes.
  5. Trim the softened cuticle carefully around the nail with a special tool. Remove the remaining cuticle using the orange stick.
  6. Polishing is a crucial stage for appearance the nails in Men’s manicure in ROme. This allows you to remove scratches, to smooth the nail plate and to give the nails well-groomed appearance.
  7. The final stage is the hydration of the hands using any cosmetic cream or oil.

The advantages of Men’s manicure:

– manicure makes the nails clean and healthy.

– hands look well-groomed and neatly.