Medical pedicure is a special kind of hardware processing, which can be used to get rid of diseases that cause the person discomfort and pain. It will help to cope with such unpleasant situations as cracks, ingrown nails or fungal infections. During the procedure are used special chemical creams and suspensions. They are harmless for human health. Softening compounds influence exclusively on the rough skin of the foot. An important condition for the implementation this pedicure is completed the sterility of instruments and hardware nozzles.

Indications for medical pedicure:

  • spur;
  • skin nail or rod and corn;
  • dry corns or calluses;
  • wet corn, as a result of wearing tight shoes;
  • plantar warts;
  • hyperkeratosis;
  • hyperhidrosis;
  • ingrown nail;
  • thickening of the nail plate;
  • diabetic foot;
  • fungal infections: onychomycosis, mycosis.


The procedure of medical pedicure:

  1. Treat the feet with antiseptics.
  2. Apply softening substance on feet for some time.
  3. Remove rough layers of the skin using the apparatus and different nozzles, grind it.
  4. The nail plate gives the desired shape. Remove infected skin areas of the nail plate with the help of special. If necessary, provide treatment or prevention of ingrown nail.
  5. Cover healthy nails by fungicidal nail polish and apply medical ointment or gel to the skin foot.


The advantages of medical pedicure:

  • allows you to remove calluses of any types, the procedure will be painless and safe.
  • Slow the development and spread of the fungus.
  • Provides the most thorough care of your feet and ensures absolute safety.
  • Cosmetics used in this treatment has antiseptic, healing and regenerating effect.


The disadvantages of medical pedicure:

  • the only disadvantage  is high cost of services. However, the increased costs are justified by therapeutic efficacy of the technique.