SPA pedicure is a pedicure that combines the beneficial effects of cosmetic products and techniques of SPA treatment. It includes the cleaning of the epithelium, deep nourishment of skin, foot massage and aromatherapy. In the process there are all sorts of mud, oil, extracts of medicinal plants, mainly algae, mineral and thermal water, beneficial impact on the skin of the feet. The procedure gives feet care and relaxation. In the office usually plays calm music, are used aromatherapy oils and incense.

The procedure of  SPA-pedicure:

  1. Put feet in the tub with a special antiseptic solution that cleans the feet, softens the skin of the foot, prepares for the next procedures.
  2. Perform soft exfoliation. Clean steamed feet from old skin layer using abrasive tools on the basis of sea salt and various scrubs.
  3. Remove corns using a special serum. Its action enhances a deep exfoliation. It removes corns and calluses without a trace.
  4. Apply to foot multicomponent hydrating mask with aromatic oils.
  5. Do a gentle foot massage for 10-15 min.
  6. Degrease the nail plate, apply nail polish.

The advantages of a SPA – pedicure:

– complete relaxation during the procedure.

– improves the condition of the feet and the nail plate.

– prevents cracking and dryness.

– SPA cosmetics contains only natural ingredients for pedicure.

– long – term  result.

The disadvantages of a SPA – pedicure:

– the procedure takes at least two hours.

– must be done regularly, because the procedure has the sparing effect.

A special place among the SPA  programs paraffin therapy is one of the most effective cosmetic procedures for skin care. It will be a real salvation for dry and rough skin. It provides deep moisturizing and healing of cracks, activates blood circulation, reduces puffiness and relieves fatigue. The result of the procedure the skin becomes soft, smooth and supple. In this case the effect is not only of cosmetic and therapeutic, but also a psychotherapeutic effect expressed in the improvement of feeling, relaxation, stress relief.