Eyelash lamination

What girl does not dream about long and thick eyelashes with a Flirty bend? What do fashion women do to emphasize the beauty of their eyes – to make up eyelashes with mascara, to use an oil and vitamin complexes, to do Perm of eyelashes. Eventually all affects their health and beauty.

Eyelash lamination is a restorative procedure which increases a density and a length of eyelashes.

What is this new cosmetic manipulation that causes such keen interest of most women? To begin with, what is keratin?

Keratin is a high strength protein, which consist of derivatives of the skin, in particular, our eyelashes, eyebrows, hair and nails.

Keratin, a part of the lamination, helps to add volume, color, length, and to make bending thin and weak eyelashes. The result is the most natural result.

The procedure takes just over an hour. The experience of the specialist and quality of products influence to process.


Procedure of Eyelash lamination Rome near me

Preparation for eyelash lamination near me. First you must completely clean and degrease your eyelashes. Apply to the skin of eyelids a professional product, which protects the skin from the effects of substance use. Set silicone pad, to prevent conglutination of the upper and lower eyelashes, as well as the penetration of the products on the skin under the eyes.

Application of the basic product. After preparation, the specialist fixes the eyelashes in the desired position by a special form of silicone. This is necessary in order to give a beautiful curve to your lashes and for the convenience of applying a hydrating serum. It strengthens the eyelashes, makes them visually more dense and lush. In addition, on top of it much better fits the color pigment.

Coloring. After the first drying is performed eyelash tinting by one of the selected pigments.

Consolidation. At the end the specialist applies the main product – keratin, which gives lashes strength and volume. Lashes look luxurious and healthy!

For  performance  of each stages is given about 15-20 minutes. This is necessary to ensure that all funds are well dried out. The main requirement – to avoid contact with water and not to use mascara for 24 hours. On the first day after laminating the lashes look like hard and glued together. It’ll pass the next morning. Do not think that the result will impress you as well as extension, because the main  for the procedure is that nature gave you. Eyelashes after the procedure look thick, lush and natural, that gives an opportunity for 2-3 months don’t use of mascara.

Another advantage of eyelash lamination is that the procedure does not require adjustments. The favorable effect disappears with the growth of new lashes, and usually disappears within 1-3 months after the procedure. One lamination and the girl will not have to apply to the master. No irritation and allergic reactions, except individual intolerance. There are no restrictions, you can wash and make up, use any beauty products, go to the sauna and swim in sea water, sleep in a comfortable position. The lashes look natural. No feeling of heaviness, discomfort. In comparison with extension this procedure has no negative effect. Many have noted that the lamination lengthens lashes not only and makes them thicker, but also has caring and firming effect. You will not require the removal of the compounds.