Permanent make-up lips

There are several basic techniques, the choice of which depends on the expected result.

Permanent make-up – contour is done in case if natural contours are blurry, which can be hereditary or acquired with age.

Permanent make-up with shading gives the effect of lipstick that visually adds volume, making lips more attractive.

Permanent make-up effect 3D is recognized as the most difficult in execution. It is performed with several shades of pigments and this feature creates on your lips 3d visual volume.

The technique of Naturel. The purpose of technique – to add expressiveness and brightness to the lips without correction.

Watercolor technique is suitable for women of all ages. As a result, the relief of lips becomes more pronounced and voluminous, and the color is luxury and rich.

Permanent lipstick is a type of technique for effect of painted lips.