Foot massage

Foot massage Rome is considered to be one of the most important in the body’s recovery system. On the feet there are reflexogenic zones (about 70 thousand nerve endings), directly connected with all internal organs. In a way this is a map, on which all the main internal organs and systems of vital activity are projected.

By stimulating these zones, it is possible to influence the whole organism and in particular to separate systems, from improving blood circulation, stimulating the immune and digestive systems to removal of nervous tension and elimination of insomnia. Therefore, foot massage Rome is a great tool for stress relief, relaxation, and activation  of reserve body forces.

In addition, Foot massage is a very pleasant procedure, bringing a lot of fun. This massage is performed using balm or cream.

Therapeutic effect of foot massage Rome

Thai foot massage Rome,  performed by a professional master, has a wonderful therapeutic effect. Why? The fact is that on the feet there are active reflex points that are associated with all organs and systems of the body. And these points – more than forty!

Properly performed acupuncture massage on the soft tissues of the feet stimulates all points, corrects the flow of energy – that is, a soft, but accurate adjustment of the various systems of the body. Very soon you will forget about insomnia, headache, bad mood and irritability.

The masseur performs the procedure with hands, forearms, special wooden or amber sticks, stretching your fingers and feet. Thai massage Rome is able to strengthen the immune system, remove slags, eliminate problems with digestion, with the organs of the genitourinary system. It strengthens the joints, relieves of edema, vascular problems in the legs and, of course, relieves tension – both physical and mental.

Masters of Thai foot massage Rome in “Angel | Beauty Lounge”

It would seem that there is nothing complicated in the usual massage of the feet. But you can not just do it yourself, at home. The real masters performing Thai foot massage follow the centuries-old rules of this art – these rules apply even to the force and time of pressing the right points. Without knowing them, without knowing the contraindications, an inexperienced person can only harm themselves instead of the expected healing effect.

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