A beautiful shape of eyebrows gives a special charm and expressiveness, the glance becomes open and deep. But not all girls have beautiful eyebrows from birth. The solution is permanent eyebrow make-up. It allows to save personal time every day and to correct the facial features visually.

Beautiful well-groomed eyebrows will emphasize the attractiveness of the face and will distract attention from some of its disadvantages. The shape of the eyebrows should be in harmony with the facial features and to emphasize its uniqueness and beauty.

Permanent make-up – Hair technique

Hair technique involves drawing each hair, imitation of natural hair, as a result is created a density and volume of eyebrows, and they look like real.

Permanent make-up – Shading

Shading is the most popular technique of permanent make-up. The pigment is injected into the gaps between the growing hairs to increase their density visually, while eyebrows look impressive and natural. The advantages of this technique are the long-term effect. The procedure takes about an hour, and the result is saved from 1 year to 3 years. After the procedure healing takes place in one week and not painful.