Eyelash extensions

One of the most popular services of the beauty industry is the eyelash extensions. This service appeared not so long ago, but it has already achieved the popularity. In fact the extended eyelashes are very comfortable and incredibly beautiful: never need to buy mascara, to waste time on its application and removal, to worry about what it can trickle while bathing or in the rain. The big advantage of this method is a fairly long lasting effect and also the absence of contraindications, because the lashes will stay even during summer vacation.

The procedure of eyelash extensions in Rome

The technology of  eyelash extension is very simple, but only the skilful specialist can do this procedure qualitatively. Eyelash is the attachment artificial eyelashes to the base of each eyelash one or several by a special harmless glue. You will be able to settle for new eyes about 4-6 weeks. Then you need to remove the old lashes and to make full extension.

Eyelash extensions in Rome

There are several types and options for eyelash extension .

Modeling material is divided into long, medium and short eyelashes made of natural and artificial fibers. They can be black, brown and colored. Master selects the color and length of the material individually for each client, based on the condition and appearance of natural eyelashes. The shape of eyes is also important. It is important to understand that natural materials are much more expensive and possible allergies. Almost all eyelashes for the extension are made of synthetic materials: mink, silk, or silicone. The master gave them these names to distinguish the length and thickness of eyelashes.

Mink eyelashes are not different from the real, the thickness and structure close to human lashes. They characterized by thin hairs 0.15 mm, having a flexibility and softness that provides increased comfort when wearing. It is the best variant to achieve a natural effect.

Silk lashes are more volume than mink, it helps to achieve the effect of painted eyelashes. The thickness of the hairs is 0.10-0.25 mm, the length is from 6 to 15 mm. For a natural effect, can choose the length  8,10,11,12 mm.

If you want thick and bright black eyelashes, you need to use this variant.

This process takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it. Silk lashes are very light, so they are not feel.

Silicone eyelashes are the thickest (the length of the hairs of 0.15-0.25 mm). With them you get the effect of brightly painted eyelashes. They are firm in texture and are offered in different lengths and diameters. They do not crumple and break.

When you choose lashes, so it is necessary to consider the density of the lashes (the more, the more dense they look), the type of curl (the bigger it is, the more dramatic the effect you will get) and length (fully depends on personal preference). Also according to the position of your lashes, you can get a different effect. We recommend before the procedure to show a photo of the desired effect to the master, and then to discuss with him all details.

When extension are used lashes of length from 6 to 20 mm. Hairs 8, 10, 12 and 13 mm are often used. The choice of length depends primarily on the wish of the client and the reason for the extension. For example, for everyday life are used medium size, but for festive events you can experiment, making your image more original. Make sure not to miscalculate the length of lashes you have to measure your fallen eyelash and choose the same length or a little more.

Another criterion for the selection of lashes is their bending. There are several types: B is almost a straight line, closest to the natural bending (used to create naturalness), L – when the lash is bent closer to the edge (this bend will help visually lift drooping eyelid), C – curved (opens the view), CC/B or D – strong bending (helps to adjust lashes that grow down).

The material of the lashes is absolutely safe and can’t cause an allergy. However, the master uses the glue which can harm your eyes. For eyelash extension it is necessary to use the hypo-allergenic glue on the basis of cyanocrylate. It needs to dry instantly. Beginners usually use the glue based on resin: it dries much slower and gives the opportunity to correct the process. The liquid glue, in contrast to the glue of resins applies a thin layer, no clumps and dries faster. But in any case it is important that the master works with the glue, as the glue gives an evaporation. They can irritate eyes and mucous membrane. The faster the procedure will end, the less your eyes have to suffer, and the less glue you cause, the more natural will look natural lashes and the longer they will last.

Technology of eyelash extension

There are two techniques of eyelash extensions, beam (Hollywood) and one-by-one (Japanese).

Beam eyelash extension. This method is also called “Hollywood,” the lashes look elegant. Bundles represent glued at the base of the lashes up to 6 pieces and are suitable for intermittent wearing. This technology requires more frequent correction. This is a big strain for own lashes. It is difficult to sustain a whole bunch of lashes.

One-by-one eyelash extension. As the name suggests each hair is attached separately. This method is practical and long – term, you can select it before the trip. This technique is the most popular and has several variants.

The most natural effect helps to achieve full extension, because on each natural eyelash is glued artificial. You can increase lashes only in the corners of the eyes that gives the look of playfulness.

With incomplete  extension artificial fibers are not glued to each eyelash, and through a certain period, this type will be suited to owners of long dated nature of the eyelashes. With it volume is added.

Effects of lashes

Thanks the selection of the length, thickness, color and technology of extension, the master can change the look perfectly. There are some of the most popular effects:

Natural (used lashes of equal length, located all over the eyelid). This is the most popular effect. It suits for ladies of any age, highlights and emphasizes the eyes.

Fox (used longer lashes on the outer corner, it creates a very sensual look). This effect is ideal for ladies with close-set eyes and lovers of Eastern make-up.

Puppet (used only long hairs located around the lash line). Perfect for young girls.

Squirrel effect (all over the eyelid are glued one length, but a few long bundles are located in the outer area, giving brightness to look). It gives the look depth and expressiveness.

Sparse (long and short lashes are alternated in a certain order, creating a kind of natural lashes which have not the same length);

Multicity (eyelash extension of different colors). The mix effect is perfect for parties or carnivals. Besides, you can always decorate your new lashes with rhinestones, feathers, sequins and lots of stuff.

2D volume (double volume). The main difference is that in normal extension to each lash is attached one artificial lash, while volume extension two artificial lashes, and tips in different directions, which gives even more expressive volume. The result still looks natural, but much more effectively.

3D volume (triple volume). Called Extra Volume. Three artificial lashes on one natural. This technique will create a very lush, luxurious lashes. Done correctly, they are not felt by the eye in general, do not harm natural lashes and despite the pomp look quite natural.

4D, 5D, and 6D volume. For 4,5,6 eyelashes to your natural eyelash. These techniques are used for beauty contents and are intended to demonstrate the possibility of the master.

How many stick lashes

Each lash has its own cycle of development, growth (from 60 to 90 days), which is why they are not appearing all at the same time. The lashes will fall as loss of your own. It usually takes time up to three months. Accordingly, these lashes can’t stick longer. Once a month you need to apply to the master for correction or full eyelash extension to save a wonderful view of your eyes.

How to remove extended lashes

There are many publications on other sites on how to remove the lashes by cream or oil at home. My advice – do not experiment in any case. If you need to remove, just come to the master. There are a lot of reviews that natural lashes are damaged after removal. This is the result of own removing, namely of pulling out from their natural lashes. Of course after this procedure you can’t almost stand it! Since  you decided to make the eyelash extensions, bring it all to the end!

For and against of eyelash extensions

Arguments for:

– there is no need to use mascara for the owners of lashes every day. It often saves not only time but also strength.

– extended lashes are not different from natural, as for production of such eyelashes are used quality materials.

– for extension are used only hypoallergenic glue.

– extended lashes give the opportunity visually to change the shape of the eyes. For example the narrow eyes will seem opened and the round eyes elongated.

Lash care

If you are the owner of extended lashes, then you should take care of them properly. Try not to touch with their hands, comfortable to go to sleep, that the face was not flattened from the pillow. The eyelashes can be disheveled after sleep or after you get them wet. Also they can accumulate dust. It is important to comb them with a clean disposable brush for mascara every time after sleeping, showering and at the end of the day. The eyelashes need to be washed, but in any case not to rub and pull. Masters are advised to wash tools designed for children as they are delicate and will not damage the glue. After contact with water, it is desirable to dry the lashes, to soak with a towel.